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Finance & Money
The 2008 financial crisis was caused by greedy individuals & powerful institutions.

 The combination of those two create significant obstacles to the distribution of wealth to the every-man.

Cryptocurrency offers an alternative financial system to the current one, as well as some serious profit potential.
Trading your time for money isn't the only way to make a living.
There are many projects that are passive or semi-passive in their income model.

AirBnB is a sei-passive income model I am SUPER passionate about!

Education & Learning
The currency education system is over 100 years old, designed to serve the industrial era.

It doesn't prepare our children for an un-guessable future when we teach content over skills.

Self-directed learning is a solution towards 'future-proofing' our children.
Pregnancy & Birth
Women having been giving birth for thousands of years.

Medicalised birth often leaves women with birth experiences very different than they would choose for themselves.

It is possible to have an empowering, beautiful and trauma-free pregnancy & birth.

"Stay curious... Take courage... Be free"
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